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Brake Job: 2012-Current Cadillac ATS

There are two brake packages for the ATS. The base JE5 uses single-piston calipers in the front and rear. The J55 or J6 is typically found on the ATS-V, and uses larger rotors and a four-piston caliper in the front. There is also an option for a more aggressive track pad on the ATS-V.

Repair One Automotive: ‘WIX Driving Performance Award’ 2015 Winner

The WIX Driving Performance Award, entering its second year, recognizes game-changers in automotive service. This year’s winning shop, Repair One Automotive, The Woodlands, TX, is recognized for truly revolutionizing the customers’ vehicle repair experience – from start to finish. Owners Brent and Brenda O’Neal received an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas to attend the AAPEX Show, as well as attended the WIX Filters and Babcox Media Night of Excellence recognition dinner on Monday evening of show week.

Repair One Automotive owners Brent and Brenda O'Neal
Brake Light On Diagnostics

The customer states the red brake light is illuminated on the instrument cluster and the tachometer and speedometer will intermittently not work. After confirming the customer’s concern, removed the center console, inspected the emergency brake switch, and found when the emergency brake was pulled up, the tachometer became unresponsive.

Weak Air Ride Compressor Diagnostics

Today’s air ride suspensions seem to have a mind of their own when it comes to alerting the driver of a problem. Unlike engine-related trouble codes, most air ride codes are cleared every key cycle or when the vehicle has been sitting for a specific period of time. Codes are not always a sign of a leak, as they can be set by components like the compressor, sensors or reservoir. These codes can appear to be intermittent, but once you understand how the system operates and the criteria for setting a compressor-related code, a diagnosis can be easy.

Water And Debris Cause Bearing Damage

Although inadequate lubrication can be classified into eight basic categories, two of those causes – water contamination and debris contamination – can be particularly attributed to bearing damage. The main common type of bearing damage with moisture/water exposure is rusting, pitting and corrosion – a condition known as “etching.”

Dealing With Remanufactured Transmissions

When replacing a transmission, you have many options. Remanufactured transmissions are disassembled and rebuilt in a factory environment. Rebuilt transmissions are those that are characteristically cleaned, inspected and wear items like clutch plates and seals are replaced. These transmissions usually come with only a short-term warranty. Used or salvage transmissions can be pulled from anywhere

Gonzo’s Toolbox: Abbreviations

One of the techs came into the office some time ago to explain some crazy readings he was getting after hooking up to the DLC with the NGS. As he was explaining the problem, a very inquisitive customer was sitting at the counter waiting for an LOF. The mechanic and I discussed the test results

Texting abbreviations
Viewpoint: Excuses and Tomorrows

There is an empty lot on West Market Street in Fairlawn, OH. From the street, you can see an old in-ground lift sticking up about a foot. From the ruins of the foundation, you can see two bays, an office and the tile floor for two bathrooms. Next to the foundation, you can see the

Bathroom tile from abandoned shop
Port of Opportunity

I was recently at a big-box electronics store and I saw a variety of OBD-II devices that are designed to track drivers, diagnose check engine lights and even perform remote starting. As a gadget geek, I was drawn into slick packaging and promises of a better life through technology. There was also another voice inside

Subaru Alignment Spec: 2005-2009 Legacy

If you look at online forums about Subaru alignment problems, you will quickly realize the problem is often not with the vehicle, but the driver. The most likely condition requiring Subaru repair is a lack of communication between the shop or dealer and the owner.

What Causes Binding in the Steering System After Rack Replacement?

Binding in steering system, poor returnability, noise, no assist to either or both sides of vehicle, vibration or leaks.

How New Technologies Impact ABS Systems and Chassis Service

I’m sure you have all been to an ABS systems class where you’ve heard that the base brake system must be operating as designed in order for ABS systems to work properly. This is true, but many still perform brake service in the same way they always have.

Anti lock brake system