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Why Selling Four is Better Than Settling For Just Two

We have all been in a situation where the customer comes in with a damaged or leaking shock/strut that needs immediate attention, while the rest of the shocks/struts have more than 80,000 miles on them and are due for replacement. Recommending replacement of all four units is the right thing to do, but after you

Top 10 Brake Mistakes

Here are the top 10 most common brake job mistakes made by rookie mechanics when replacing brake pads, rotors and calipers. Not cleaning the brake slides and hardware: Just slapping new pads and abutment clips where the old ones once resided never works. The caliper bracket slides need to be clean and free from rust.

Tech Tip: FIAT 500 Rear Axle Alignment

Rear axle alignment shims are available in a kit containing two shims and replacement spindle mounting bolts. The front shim is used to correct an out of specification toe-in condition, and the rear shim is used to correct an out of specification toe-out condition. Only one of these shims, front or rear, will be used

BRAKE JOB: 2009-2014 Ford F150

There are more than 3.6 million 2009-14 Ford F-Series trucks on the road today, and the majority of these are the F150 model. The 12th generation of the truck, and specifically its brake system, has had very few problems, since most of the brake system was carried over from the previous platform. Front Brakes For

Alignment Spec: 2003-2011 Saab 9-3

While Saab as a company may no longer be around, its cars are still on the road and need alignments. The Saab 9-3 is built on the GM Epsilon platform that is shared with Chevrolet Malibu; however, Saab reengineered almost everything. It was revealed in the bankruptcy of the company that only 20% of the

NHTSA’s GM Brake Line Corrosion Investigation: Reading Between the Brake Lines

There will be no recalls on some GM vehicles for brake line corrosion. Instead, we received an advisory from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about brake line inspection and car washes. What was not discussed was the corrosion prone materials GM and other manufacturers used for brake lines during this period. It

2007-2011 Ford Expedition and Navigator Air Suspension

The Ford Expedition air suspension does more than just lift and raise the vehicle. The system levels the vehicle under loads and when a trailer is attached. The system uses only two air bags on the rear axle unlike previous models with air bags on all four corners. Also, unlike previous Expedition models the rear

BRAKE JOB: 2010-14: Chrysler Sebring/200 + Dodge Avenger

The brakes on the Chrysler Sebring/200 and Dodge Avenger are relatively problem free. There are very noise or pulsation complaints. There are no recalls or specific TSBs for the brakes. Replacing the brake pads and rotors is straightforward. But, care has to be taken to make sure the calipers are free and the rotors are

Alignment Specs: 2002-2011 Toyota Camry

The suspension for the Toyota Camry stayed the same from 2002-2011. The basic platform is easy to service and has no major issues. But, if the toe is adjusted, you must recalibrate the steering angle sensor. To find out if the vehicle has the optional VSC system, a light will illuminate on the dash when

Inspecting Nivomat Shocks

Nivomat shocks can be found on a variety of vehicles. They are self-leveling shocks that use an internal pump on the piston to control the level of the vehicle. There are no external lines or connections. Five Signs a Nivomat is Bad Sagging: If you load the trunk of a vehicle with Nivomats, the rear

BRAKE JOB: 2003-2011 Honda Element

It may look like a car that was never removed from the box it came in, but Honda Element isn’t boxy when it comes to the brakes. The Element is based on the CR-V platform. There is nothing tricky, but this is a brake system is hardware intensive with floating shims, abutment clips and pad

VIEWPOINT: Bad Advice For Lug Nuts

I am a sucker for helping stranded motorists, and this pothole season is no exception. So far I have seen two lower ball joint failures, one u-joint pole vault and a separated tie rod. I think people are at their best when others are at their worst. I recently stopped to help a Subaru at