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Following AC System Service, How Much Oil Is Needed?
VVT Sprockets and Solenoids
Road to AAPEX Ep. 1: The Future Legacy of the Automotive Aftermarket
Hunter RX Series Scissor Lift: Harsh-Duty Option
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Financial Foresight For A Smooth Succession
Is Training For The Sake Of Training Always Worth It?
Understanding Customer Clunking And Clicking Complaints
Tool Time Podcast: Lumileds
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June 2024

From the June 2024 Issue

An In-Depth Look At CV Axles

As the engine moves from the effects of torque and as the suspension of a vehicle travels up and down, the angle of the driveshaft changes.

How ADAS Systems Perform

How does steel and rubber change how ADAS systems perform?

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HVAC: Compressor Oils and Compressor Replacement
Original Air Date
June 11, 2024
  • Joe Keene, Automotive Content Producer, Babcox Media
  • Andrew Markel, Director of Technical Content, Tech Group, Babcox Media

During this 45-minute webinar, our presenters will explore the ins-and-outs of compressor replacement and the requirements for oil and flushing. They will also discuss how the condenser and evaporator must be serviced if the compressor has failed.

Sponsored By: Transtar
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