JEEP Steering Shimmy Solution

JEEP Steering Shimmy Solution

Replacement of the steering damper with AE level or newer is recommended.

Wrangler 2017-Newer

If a driver complains of a shimmy in the steering wheel after hitting an irregularity in the road surface such as an expansion joint, pothole or bump. Replacement of the steering damper with AE level or newer (AE will be the last two position of the steering box part number). Vehicles built after 4/9/2019 are equipped with the new design damper.

Ensure the damper is orientated with the bulge down. AE level dampers have an orientation direction. See the images below for orientation. AE and later dampers have a purge routine performed off the vehicle with the rod end up. 

It is important to prime the new damper using five continuous compressions. Each cycle consists of a full compression and a full extension stroke, without stops as fast as possible. Use large screwdrivers inserted in the bushings to aid in purging. This will allow you to stand on the lower screwdriver to hold the damper stationary and pump the rod end easier. It is important to perform purge before installing. 

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