BMW Daytime Running Lights Are Dim

BMW Daytime Running Lights Are Dim

The issue is likely because the connection between the LED module & light tube inside the headlight is damaged.


  • 2017-current BMW X3 (G01)
  • 2018-current BMW X4 (G02)
  • 2019-current BMW X5 (G05)
  • 2020-current BMW X6 (G06)
  • 2019-current BMW X7 (G07)
  • 2019-current BMW 7-Series (G12)
  • 2017-current BMW 5-Series (G30)
  • 2018-2023 BMW M5 (F90)


One or more of the LED daytime running lights is dim or discolored.


The connection between the LED module and light tube inside the headlight is damaged.


Inspect and replace the affected LED module. Replace the headlight only if internal damage is found to the light tube.


1. Remove the affected LED modules from the headlight following ISTA repair instructions based on the vehicle model.

2. Inspect the LED module for signs of discoloration as shown at the right. If discoloration is present, inspect the light tube of the headlight for signs of discoloration.

3. Proceed as follows based on your inspection:

Discoloration is present only on the LED module: Replace the affected LED module only, followingISTA/AIR repair instructions based on the vehicle model.

Discoloration is present on the LED module AND the light tube: Replace the comple

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