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BMW Daytime Running Lights Are Dim

The issue is likely because the connection between the LED module & light tube inside the headlight is damaged.

BMW Cracks in Brake Rotor

Visible cracks are caused by high thermal stresses during rapid heating and cooling of the brake discs.

BMW Wheel Bearings

Two technologies are being used that are allowing engineers to put better bearings in smaller packages.

The Real Reason They Want To Lock Us Out!

If you think the OEMs already have a long-term plan ready to deal with THIS headache, I can guarantee they don’t.

Brake Job: BMW 1-Series (2008-2013)

The BMW 1-Series might be the least expensive BMW, but it shares a lot of the procedures that are common when it comes to servicing brakes on larger BMWs.

Composite And Floating Rotors: Going Big And Going Light

When you hear the words “floating rotor,” you might think of a racecar brake rotor with Allen head bolts holding the hat to the outer ring. But, more economical and robust “semi-floating” rotors have made it onto Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz daily drivers.

mercedes benz brake job featured
BMW Tech Tip: Anti-Tamper Socket To Service 328d Models

BMW announced the distribution of a special anti-tamper socket needed to remove and replace the undercar protection panel covering the SCR module on 2014-current F30/F31 328d models. The socket will be available at BMW dealers.

Steering System Calibrations

We all know that the evolution of technology in our ever-changing automotive industry translates to many gray areas when it comes to servicing new vehicle systems using updated service procedures and tools. Steering angle sensor calibration is one of those gray areas.

Steering angle sensor software
Independent Rear Suspension Theory

Independent rear suspensions are becoming the norm on cars and SUVs of all sizes. The two main advantages of ­independent rear suspension are ride and handling. When you’re looking up at one of these from under a lift, keep in mind that alignment angles and the ­condition of the suspension are all connected in order

how independent rear suspension works
BMW TPMS Systems Breakdown

BMW has offered Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) on most of its vehicles since 2002. Some 2002 and 2003 models have an indirect system called Flat Tire Monitor (FTM) that compares the inputs of the wheel speed sensors to detect a flat tire. These early indirect and direct systems were implemented not to meet the