Repeat Bearing Failures - Subaru Legacy and Impreza
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Tech Tips: Avoid Repeat Bearing Failures on Subaru Legacy and Impreza 1992-2003 Models


To help avoid repeat bearing failures on 1992-2003 Subaru Legacy and Impreza models, the bearings experts at SKF have outlined some commonly overlooked problems, as well as the steps to fix them.


First and foremost, always follow manufacturer guidelines during removal and installation. Before removing the old bearing, it’s important to check runout and endplay to help determine what may have caused the failure. This is an often-overlooked step that can help prevent comebacks and determine why the bearing failed. If it looks like too much runout exists, it might be a sign of a bad wheel hub (flange).

After removing the old bearing, measure the bearing housing (knuckle) for roundness. Use a bore gauge to help determine if an issue exists. If needed, replace the knuckle.

Tapered bearings help ensure a precise fit and function to avoid repeat failures, while using premium wheel bearing grease can reduce the heat and friction that can quickly wear out a bearing.


Additionally, it’s vital to not reuse the old seals, which may allow for bearing contamination, including water intrusion. Replacing the wheel hub (flange) will save time if the bearing inner ring came off with the old hub.

Finally, installing a new C-clip will ensure proper retention on the tapered bearing, while a new axle nut will help provide correct clamp force retention when torqued properly.

Courtesy of SKF

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