Tech Tip: Volvo Brake Goes Too Low on First Application

Tech Tip: Volvo Brake Goes Too Low on First Application

If a customer complains of Volvo brakes going too low on first application, it may be because of improperly installed brakes or aerated fluid.

Vehicle Applications:

1999 S80 2.9L, Vin 97, Eng Des B6304S, USA/Canada
2000 S80 2.8L, Turbo, Eng Des B6284T, USA/Canada
2001 S60 2.4L, Turbo, Eng Des B5244T3, USA/Canada
2002 S60 2.4L, Turbo, Eng Des B5244T3, USA/Canada
2002 S80 2.9L, Vin 91, Turbo, Eng Des B6294T, USA/Canada
2003 V70 2.4L, Turbo, Eng Des B5244T3


Customer Concern: On first application the brake goes low, almost to the floor; after that the brake is OK.

Potential Causes: Improperly installed brakes; ­aerated fluid.



1. Check brake clips for proper installation. A mis-­installed clip will cause this problem. The bottom of the clip should go around the bottom of the caliper bracket.

2. Check for any air in the hydraulic system. Try bleeding with a pressure bleeder.

3. Bleed at the ABS hydraulic unit lines. Sometimes air can get trapped in this area, which is under the master cylinder.

Courtesy of Identifix, Inc.

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