Tech Tip: Strut Installation Issues
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Tech Tip: Strut Installation Issues

The left or right suspension strut installs OK, but the other side won’t line up correctly.


During new strut installation on certain application, what sometimes appears to be a mis-positioned welded spring seat may actually be caused by the need to reposition the upper mount rubber insulator. The left or right strut may install with no problems, but the other side may not line up correctly. If this happens, KYB advises that you follow the steps below.


To install some struts it may be necessary to rotate the upper strut mount insulator which can be separated from the mount. The directions are as follows:

    1) Make a mark on the upper mount in line with (depending on the model) the notch in the strut pinch bolt area or the steering knuckle bracket.

    2) Disassemble and loosen the spring compressor so you can remove the mount and insulator.

    3) Separate the rubber insulator from the underside of the mount and then put the insulator back onto the spring so that the insulator matches the spring position.

    4) Put the strut back into the spring and put the mount onto the insulator.

    5) Align the mark on the mount to the notch in the strut or steering knuckle bracket.

    6) Compress the mount and spring assembly, install and torque the strut nut to OEM specifications.

    7) Reinstall the assembly.

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