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Tesla Wheel Bearing Replacement

The process of replacing the hub unit on a Tesla is the same as many cars and light trucks.

New Monobloc OE CV Axle Technology Greatly Reduces NVH

Today’s vehicle drivetrain systems are far more complex and powerful than ever before. So, you want to make sure you choose a replacement axle that matches the original OE design attributes to ensure proper performance and durability. Avoid installing an inferior axle based on price only, that may not perform properly or worse yet, fail

Electric Power Steering Diagnostics

Load management for steering systems.

Wheel End Service – Wheel Speed Sensors and Bearings

The only way to diagnose the sensor and circuit is with a scan tool or scope.

Tesla Air Ride Service

The suspension uses GPS and vehicle speed to adjust ride height.

Wheel Bearings

Higher quality wheel bearings use higher quality steel that is properly heat treated.

ADAS Sensor Calibration and Diagnostics

The reality is that if you can master some very general skills, ADAS is not rocket science.

Future Fantasy Not Nearly As Cool As Today’s Technology

Our industry has already seen the future and continues to find real solutions to today’s challenges and to those they’ll be facing soon.

Steering Clear Of The Downsides Of New Vehicle Technology

Driver distraction is one of the biggest factors contributing to the large number of vehicle crashes on the roads today. With more and more distractions coming to the center stack, how can anyone be expected to focus on driving? Regarding this issue, I think that the lobby for cellular companies has prevailed to the detriment of its customers.

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Autonomous Vehicles: Changes Are Coming

With every passing year, there are fewer cars and trucks needing throttle cables, distributor caps and spark plug wires. Even if we have lost these service opportunities, we have gained twice as many in the past two decades.

Right To Repair In The Aftermarket: Whose Responsibility Is It?

Today, aftermarket associations, carmaker associations, parts manufacturers and suppliers are working together to solve a myriad of complex issues with the original core issue hanging over their head: money.

Hybrids And Electrics: The Future Of Your Shop

Vehicles are having a very noisy rebirth. The type of work you are going to be seeing is changing as the vehicle mix begins to evolve toward more electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as cars with small, turbocharged engines.

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