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Potholes can be extremely damaging to vehicles—especially in terms of steering and suspension. Sometimes they’re simply unavoidable. If you notice issues with your vehicle after striking a pothole, the best thing the do is have an alignment check performed. Replacing affected parts can prevent the damage from spreading throughout the vehicle. Your vehicle’s steering and

VIDEO: What Else Should Be Replaced With The Strut?

Complete a thorough inspection to increase profitability. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Suspension Hardware: End Alignment Bay Frustration!

Andrew Markel discusses suspension links on late model vehicles, and using the right hardware to install components without later issues in the alignment bay. Sponsored by MEYLE.

Loaded Sway Bars

It is possible to get all the angles right during an alignment and still get wear on the outside and inside tire edges after a few thousand miles. What could have gone wrong in the interim? The answer could be the sway bar or the links.

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Luxury Bushings And Sway Bar Service

If you look at some of the premium European luxury cars and SUVs from 2007-‘10, you will find some game-changing engineering when it comes to the suspension and ride control components.

ACDelco Adds More Than 850 New SKUs To Chassis Lineup

The expansion includes new ball joints, bushings, control arms, drag/center links, pitman/idler arms, sway bar links and tie rods for more than 200 million vehicles on U.S. roads today.