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VIDEO: Can TPMS Disable Other Safety Systems?

Andrew Markel discusses how low inflation pressures can prevent certain safety systems from operating. Sponsored by Bartec USA.

Brakelight (August 1952)

The “Pull a Wheel!” campaign from the 1940s and 1950s played a critical role in stressing the complete inspection of brake systems. Most vehicles of this period had drum brakes.

Right To Repair In The Aftermarket: Whose Responsibility Is It?

Today, aftermarket associations, carmaker associations, parts manufacturers and suppliers are working together to solve a myriad of complex issues with the original core issue hanging over their head: money.

BRAKE LIGHTS 1985: Third Brake Light DOT Mandate

The third brake light was mandated for 1986 model year vehicles. Some aftermarket companies sold kits so shops could sell this safety item to owners of older vehicles. It never really caught on.

BRAKELIGHT: April 1952
Lincoln Electric Launches New Welding Safety Interactive Guide

Safety is a critical component of welding, and thanks to The Lincoln Electric Company, now welders of all skill levels can access the safety information they need anywhere, anytime. The company’s new Welding Safety Interactive Guide converts Lincoln Electric’s award-winning Welding Safety Interactive DVD into an online format that is easily accessible and viewable on computers, tablets and mobile phones.