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Have You Seen This Before? A Tech’s Guide For Dealing With Skeptical Customers

“Have you seen this before?” That’s the typical question asked by skeptical customers the world over. How do you answer that? A “yes” answer can lead you down a rabbit hole you don’t want to travel, while a “no” answer can present its own set of problems.

Auto Care From A Male Perspective

Shops, and the industry as a whole, need to be more savvy about marketing and PR. Most shops have a heart of gold and perform miracles on their customers’ vehicles. The media needs to know about it.

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Customer Satisfaction: You Can’t Win Them All

When you start your own business, your initial goal is to make every customer happy. But as the years go on, you realize some people aren’t going to be happy no matter how good of a job you do.

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Viewpoint: Excuses and Tomorrows

There is an empty lot on West Market Street in Fairlawn, OH. From the street, you can see an old in-ground lift sticking up about a foot. From the ruins of the foundation, you can see two bays, an office and the tile floor for two bathrooms. Next to the foundation, you can see the

Bathroom tile from abandoned shop