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Electrifying The Next Generation of Techs

The future is bright and exciting for vehicle repair.

‘CARBAGE’ Options

There are two types of carbage. The first is called the ‘collector’ and the second is called a ‘dumpster’.

Should You Install Customer-Supplied Parts?

Here’s a few suggestions on how to handle these uncomfortable requests.

Lessons Learned By Being Back – The Last Word

After two years, our industry finally had its homecoming.

What’s Your Two-Year Plan?

Look at current trends and events to build a crystal ball you can control.

Rolling Profits – Selling Tires At Your Shop

When properly presented the option, your customers will likely want to buy tires from you.

Replacement Parts Quality – Not another rant…

Are replacement parts getting worse? Absolutely NOT.

AMN Drivetime: Bill Long (VIDEO)

In this edition of AMN Drivetime, MEMA’s Bill Long shares a few key mantras gleaned from an incredible career.

The Chip Shortage And The Aftermarket

Drive by any new car lot and the evidence is clear – the auto industry may be the most visible victim of chip shortages.

Podcast: One On One With The Tire Industry GOAT

Larry Morgan shares how he’s created multi-billon dollar businesses in the tire and new car industry.

The New Normal: Full Recovery Or Pricing Reset?

Collision repairers will continue to see pricing affected as the new normal takes shape.

Welcome Back To Road Trip Season

In a recent poll, Hertz found that more than 80% of people surveyed say they plan to take a road trip this summer.