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Avoiding Brake Noise Comebacks

Brake systems are complex and require an understanding of the root cause of generating the noise.

How Regenerative Brakes Operate

Regenerative braking is a hybrid’s first choice for braking.

Composite Brake Rotor Service Opportunities

Composite rotors have two advantages over a fully cast rotor.

ABS Diagnostics

ABS is the foundation of the ESC system. ESC systems add software and multiple sensors to keep the vehicle under control.

The Importance Of Tire Design On Traction And Braking – Part 2

In tire development, traction and braking performance are probably the most important aspects engineers consider.

The Science Behind Traction And Braking

Tires and brakes must work together to maximize stopping power.

VIDEO: How Rotor Metallurgy Affects Braking Performance

Andrew Markel discusses how the physical makeup of brake rotors can be different between products, and how braking performance can be affected by the quality of materials. Sponsored by MEYLE.

TMD Friction Announces 2017 Training Dates

During the brake training, attendants will acquire relevant knowledge about the field, covering topics including friction materials and production processing.