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The Case Of The Shrinking Air Gap

The process of finding and diagnosing real-world challenges can be more educational than expected.

Are You Trying To Be ‘Competitive’ Or Responsible?

With brakes, quality should always win out over price.

Exposure To Asbestos

The complete phasing out of asbestos was to take place by 1989 because time was needed to find alternatives.

The Future Of The Pothole

The pothole has always been the natural enemy of wheels, tires and the suspension. But with the rise of distracted drivers and autonomous driving cars, the common pothole becomes a more significant problem.

BRAKE LIGHTS 1985: Third Brake Light DOT Mandate

The third brake light was mandated for 1986 model year vehicles. Some aftermarket companies sold kits so shops could sell this safety item to owners of older vehicles. It never really caught on.