Guess the Brake: Win free tools!

Guess the Brake: Win free tools!

If you can identify year, make and model for the rear brakes pictured below you can win a set of quick disconnect tools for transmission, fuel and AC lines. This one is easy.

Please put your answer in the comment box below. The year of the vehicle does not have to be dead on, but within the correct range for the platform. US residents only. Employees of Babcox Publications are not allowed to enter. 




The Gates Quick Disconnect Tool Set includes six tools including the rare 7/8" tool that is need for some HVAC lines. These tools are made of anodized aluminum and are color coded.These are essential tools if you work on transimmission, fuel and other fluid lines. 

The winner will be contacted via email for their details.

Good Luck!


WE HAVE WINNER!!! The car was a1998!


Here is a picture of the full car!



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