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Nivomat Shocks: Mechanical Load Leveling

The Nivomat system does more than just level the vehicle under load. As the load increases, the pressure inside the shock increases as oil is displaced from the reservoir to the inside of the unit, compressing the gas volume. This creates a progressive increase in spring rate and damping with little or no change to ride frequency.

Brake Line Replacement: To Bend, Or Not To Bend

No one can predict exactly when a brake line or hose will fail.

Maintenance Matters: What Winter Can Do To Battery Life

Most shops in colder climates start to see an influx of customers with battery service needs as the holidays approach. Perhaps more than any other maintenance category, being proactive about taking care of your customers with dying or dead batteries is essential this time of year.

Maintenance Matters: Visibility Is The Top Safety Concern

It doesn’t matter how much emphasis you put on the condition of a vehicle’s components – if the driver can’t see what’s in front of him or her, safety will absolutely be compromised.

Maintenance Matters: A Tire In Winter

In much of the country, all-season tires are the go-to choice for drivers. They offer reliable, consistent performance in a variety of road conditions. However, increasingly, “all-weather” tires are becoming the popular choice.

Winter Service: Can You Forecast A Flurry Of Sales?

As the days grow shorter and the air gets cooler in much of the United States, many drivers will continue to put off vehicle maintenance.

No More Toe And Go

Should a shop charge more for alignments? Yes. Your alignment bay should be treated as a colossal scan tool that can pull the angles from the vehicle so they can be used for diagnostics of the chassis and suspension.

Brake Job: 2014-Current GM Full-Sized Trucks

There are three brake packages for the GMTK2.

Century Strong: Crow-Burlingame Is Celebrating Its Centennial

At this 100-year-old distribution company, the gray hairs are giving way to the dark hairs.

What Does The Customer Need?

A change is coming to our industry. In fact, it’s probably already happening. If I have not been direct enough about that in the past, let me be so now. What you repair, how often you perform maintenance, typical component failures and the motivating reason for owning a vehicle have already changed, says Donny Seyfer.

Winter Vehicle Maintenance

For much of the country, winter brings potentially hazardous road conditions – meaning, your shop should be planning now to help your customers safely weather the season.

Scare Tactic Training

The most challenging aspect of developing training is to avoid the “doom and gloom” scenarios. No two ways about it, the next decade will be a challenge for independent repair shops.