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Why Reading The Manual Is Essential

The fact is, what you don’t know may not hurt you, but it might hurt your customer – at the very least, it can kill your bottom line.

Your Car, Your Data: Your Livelihood, Your Tools

In a recent survey by KPMG, more than 80% of auto industry executives think data will become a primary revenue source for future business models.

Not Just Your Average Joe

Joe Sharp was named winner of the 2019 Wix Driving Performance award.

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Tech Tip: GM Stud Shearing Problems

Anchor transmission mount #2897 also fits 2000-2005 Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile vehicles with the 3.8L engine.

K-Seal SolvTec Tech Tip: Curing Heater Core Leaks

A classic sign of a heater core problem is when the inside of the vehicle’s windshield persistently keeps misting.

CARDONE Tech Tip: Installing Aluminum Brake Calipers

When you install the caliper, the banjo bolt gets fed through the end of the brake hose and mounts to the inlet of the caliper.

PRO Maxx Tools Tech Tip: Drill Bits Versus Machine Grade Tooling

The point and cutting edges are then ground for the correct size and application. That method is most often used for products where accuracy is not as important as just getting a hole in the material.

IPA Tools Tech Tip: Uneven Brake Wear

If a customer has uneven brake wear and you just assume it is a bad caliper and replace it, you may be guessing incorrectly. Imploded brake hoses and stuck proportioning valves produce hidden symptoms that are not easily diagnosed.

SKF Tech Tip: Replacing A Wheel Hub Flange, Bearing Guide

When replacing a press-type wheel bearing and hub flange, it’s important that all the wheel-end parts work together properly after reassembly.

Undercar Overhaul Tips

Suspension repairs are the “bread and butter” for most shops. But, the bread has changed from stamped steel to cast aluminum, and the butter is now thread locking compounds and high-end greases. Here are ten tips that can prevent you from getting toasted!

TPMS Curve Balls

When you think you know everything about tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), there will be a car or truck that pulls into your bays and challenges all of your knowledge and diagnostic skills.