100% COMPLETE Power Steering Fluid Coverage by Lubegard

100% COMPLETE Power Steering Fluid Coverage by Lubegard

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The fluid experts at Lubegard offer two, fully synthetic power steering fluids that offer 100% vehicle coverage that includes electric hydraulic power steering systems (EHPS). Simplify your inventory with our two COMPLETE fluid solutions: 

LUBEGARD® COMPLETE™ Synthetic Power Steering Fluid #23232 is the service solution for all European, North American, and Asian vehicles (except Honda/Acura) and is suitable for use in power steering applications that require power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and EPS/EHPS fluid such as Nissan E-PSF, Mopar Electric Steering Pump Fluid, Pentosin CHF Hydraulic Fluid, etc.

LUBEGARD® COMPLETE™ Synthetic Power Steering Fluid for Honda & Acura #24242 is engineered specifically for 2007 and newer Honda/Acura applications that require a full synthetic, higher viscosity power steering fluid. 24242 is also backwards compatible in all other Honda/Acura vehicles manufactured before 2007. A third-party test shows that LUBEGARD COMPLETE Synthetic Power Steering Fluid for Honda & Acura provides superior anti-wear protection (ASTM D4172) and a better low temperature flow to OEM fluid.       

Lubegard COMPLETE Synthetic power steering fluids are engineered with a proprietary additive package that includes two patented technologies, Synergol® TMS and LXE®. Together, these revolutionary technologies provide the most advanced anti-wear and heat protection available:

Synergol® TMS is the first non-active, low phosphorous-based surface molecule which, when added to PSF, drastically reduces wear on parts and metal surfaces. It makes our power steering fluid work at its optimum, improving the fluid film performance in all components.

In fact, Synergol’s lubricant performance will extend far beyond normal fluid life. Because Synergol is not consumed, its effectiveness increases over time, providing continuous protection to all internal parts of the power steering pump and system.

LXE® (Liquid Wax Ester) has a molecular structure that allows unsurpassed heat transfer, making it the most heat stable power steering products sold. LXE technology, a direct replacement for sperm whale oil, provides the ability to transfer heat which protects the fluid from oxidation, extends the life of the fluid and reduces and prevents sludge buildup. 

The combination of these two technologies in a synthetic power steering base, prolongs the life of the power steering fluid and components. Lubegard Synthetic Power Steering Fluid’s remarkably low pour points and high flash points allows the system to operate smoothly even in the most extreme temperatures and operating conditions. 

Lubegard COMPLETE Power Steering Fluids eliminates power steering noises, whine, rack and pinion stiffness, morning sickness, as well as providing superior lubrication and anti-wear protection for increased component life and improved performance.  Lubegard lubricates and protect seals without the use seal swell materials (stop leaks). By keeping seals lubricated and pliable you reduce the risk of seal leaks and safely extend their life.  They are also formulated with robust anti-corrosion package that prevents metal parts from rusting.

For over 35 years, Lubegard has been a leader in performance chemicals, providing fluid solutions that are based on technology and quality.  Visit our website at www.Lubegard.com to see our full line of additive and whole fluid solutions.

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