Twin-Tube Or Monotube Shocks, What's The Difference? (Video)
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Twin-Tube Or Monotube Shocks, What’s The Difference? (Video)

Twin-tube and monotube shocks serve different purposes. This video is sponsored by KYB.


CC: Hi, I’m Scott.


Margarine or Butter? I’m definitely not a cook and I’m not really sure what the difference is between the two, but I do know what the difference is between a twin-tube and a monotube shock absorber. The way I found out was when I needed to replace the shocks on my half-ton truck last year.

I’ve owned this truck since it was new. When the ride became harsh and the body started to dip and sway I knew it was time to replaces the shocks. The parts catalog offered two options: A twin-tube and a monotube. It indicated that the twin-tube was the original equipment style and the monotube was a performance upgrade. Unfortunately, the catalog isn’t very helpful when it comes to describing the performance differences.


I did a little research at and learned that monotubes are meant to improve handling and overall vehicle performance and control. I sometimes put some weight in the back and occasionally pull a small trailer. I chose the KYB gas-a-just monotube shocks. Wow, what an amazing difference. I was surprised that not only the ride and handling were better than it was when it was new, the steering even became quicker!

Unlike the standard twin-tube shock, monotubes have a separate high gas pressure chamber, so when you turn, lean, stop real hard, hit big bumps or carry a load, the gas chamber compresses and adds some extra “push”. Because most of the extra performance only works on demand, they don’t change the original ride very much. They are designed for people like me that prefer more control and want a vehicle to work as well… with a load… as it does when its empty.


After my experience, I tell people that have trucks with larger wheels, have extra equipment, that haul, tow or if that really want to feel the difference… go with the monotubes. The KYB gas-a-just’s are the best I’ve ever used!

I hope this explanation helps you decide for yourself… and thanks for watching.

This video is sponsored by KYB

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