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How to Unlock the Potential of Your Management and Information Software

Software is a unique tool. Every time it is used, it becomes more valuable to your shop. With every customer profile, parts data and billing information that you input, it will become more valuable to your operation. Also, with every technical service bulletin or bit of repair information found, you become more valuable. For automotive

Waste Not, Want Not

Generating waste is not too difficult for most automotive repair shops. Getting rid of it is what often poses a problem, especially when the waste in question is something that is as environmentally damaging as used automotive fluids. When it comes to disposing of hazardous waste, shop owners need to understand their state’s regulations, establish

Under Pressure: Power Tools

Those two words say a lot when speaking about air tools. The first and most obvious is that air tools need pressure to operate properly. Everyone knows that with enough air pressure you can make any air tool do the job you want it to do, right? Another way of looking at these two words

Flushing Away Engine Problems

When motor oil isn’t changed often enough, varnish deposits and sludge begin to form inside the engine. If the oil is neglected long enough, it will eventually turn into goo and ruin the engine. “Oil sludging” has become a serious problem in recent years for a number of reasons. One is that more new car

Built-In Brains: Engine Analyzers Combine the Capabilities of Many Diagnostic Tools into One

When most people think of an engine analyzer, they think of a big box console with automated test capabilities that can detect a wide variety of faults. There are still some machines like these today, but many of the features of a traditional engine analyzer are now available in top-of-the-line scan tools. An engine analyzer

Spotting Problems with a Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Being able to measure temperature variances can play an important roll in diagnosing vehicle maladies for both undercar and underhood technicians. This can be easily accomplished by using a non-contact infrared thermometer. With this tool, technicians simply point the thermometer at the area of concern and they are immediately provided with the temperature of the

Detection Equipment is Key to Finding Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are the number one cause of poor A/C cooling performance. The amount of refrigerant in an A/C system is critical for proper cooling. Any loss of refrigerant reduces the system’s ability to transfer heat, causing the compressor to work harder and the system to cool less efficiently. To make matters worse, the refrigerant

Expand Exhaust Business with a Pipe Bender

Every automotive service facility is looking for ways to squeeze additional profits out of the jobs they are performing on a daily basis. For those shops offering exhaust service, or thinking about expanding their services to offer performance exhaust services, a pipe or tube bender will help reduce the amount of money spent on pre-bent

Carley’s Corner: Smoother Surface Finishes for Today’s Engines

As engine technology continues to advance, so do the surface finish requirements for many of today’s gaskets. Some engines today require an almost mirror-like finish on the cylinder head and block deck surfaces to seal the head gasket – which means many machine shops may need to upgrade their surfacing equipment to achieve the smoother

Why Go Digital? For Precision and Protection

These days, no matter what kind of automotive repair work you specialize in, virtually every system has a certain amount of electronics. Consequently, one diagnostic tool every technician needs is a digital multimeter. To figure out electrical and electronic problems, you have to “see” what’s going on inside the circuits and components. Trouble is, you

Getting the Most Out of Your Lifts

Lifts play an important role in the day-to-day operations of any automotive service facility. Some may even argue that a lift is a shop’s most valuable employee. After all, lifts never call in sick or go on vacation. However, one of the worst things a shop owner can do is fall into the trap of