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Wheel Balancing: Making a Smart Investment in a Wheel Balancer

When you consider that only 1/4-ounce of wheel imbalance can produce a noticeable vibration on a vehicle, it’s easy to understand why it’s so important to have a wheel balancer that is both accurate and easy to use. Many balancers in today’s marketplace are capable of balancing a wheel to within a few hundredths of

Battery Charging: All Charged Up!

A battery charger is something every shop should own, and most do. But battery technology has changed in recent years. Battery chargers that were designed for older conventional lead acid batteries (called “flooded” cell batteries because the cells are filled with liquid electrolyte) may not be the best choice for newer batteries with absorbent glass

Coolant Service

It’s Getting Hotter Out There; Know How to Keep Your Customers Cool Coolant testers, pressure testers, flushers and exchangers. These are the tools and equipment shops need to keep their customers’ cooling systems cool. We’ve had an unusually hot summer this year. Record high temperatures across the country have left many vehicles steaming alongside the

Welding Equipment: Sparks and Arcs

MIG, TIG, stick, gas, gasless, oxy-acetylene, deep penetration, spot welding, plastic welders, pulse technology, high strength steel — if it seems like welding has gotten more complicated than you remember — it has! Today’s auto industry faces many challenges that are shaping and changing the way we stick two pieces of metal together. Once upon

Scan Tools: Tune In, Tune Up, Cash In

What is with all the new interest in music? Everywhere in the car industry and the aftermarket, people are talking about the “tuner” market. Are they talking about the old stereo of Dad’s in the den? Maybe they are talking about the newest disk player that can support mpeg and iPod? No! The interest is

Are You Testing Brake Fluid for Customers?

When was the last time you tested a customer’s brake fluid? Never? Many shops don’t bother to test brake fluid for several reasons. Some don’t think fluid tests are necessary. Others don’t test the fluid because they don’t have anything to test it with. And others say why bother if they’re going to bleed the

Wheel Alignment,: Advances in Alignment Equipment Increase Productivity and Profit

Having the needed alignment specifications and service information close at hand is key to boosting productivity in today’s automotive service facilities. In the alignment bay, time is money. Combine this with the expense of today’s alignment equipment, and it’s easy to understand why choosing the right piece of alignment equipment is very important to an

Leak Detection: Becoming Your Shop’s Leak Detective

When a customer’s A/C system isn’t cooling well and the refrigerant charge is low, you know the system is leaking. The question is where? Finding refrigerant leaks on today’s vehicles can be a challenge. For one thing, many of the A/C system parts are buried and difficult to reach. Also, most systems today hold much

Preventive Maintenance Keeps Air Compressors Running Smoothly

Few pieces of shop equipment are used as regularly as air compressors. However, when is the last time you performed any type of maintenance on this vital piece of equipment? If your answer isn’t “within the past 24 hours,” take a moment and think about what life would be like without the compressor to power

The Right Tools at the Right Time

The toughest part about changing a timing belt on most engines is just getting to the belt. The timing belt is sealed inside a protective cover on the front of the engine. Replacing it typically requires removing everything on the front of the engine that obstructs the timing cover. This includes the serpentine belt and/or

Weather Report

Today’s forecast is hot — damn hot with sprinkled patches of grease, burns, scrapes and fussy service managers. Does this sound like your shop in the summer? The alternative calls for waaaay cold with reports of numb fingers and aching feet and toes from standing on ice-cold concrete for eight hours at a time. The

Transmission Service: It’s a Dirty Job, But Here’s What You Need to do It

Automatic transmission work has always been considered hard, dirty work. And rightly so. Pulling a transmission, especially on a front-wheel-drive car or minivan, can be a long day’s work. It usually involves supporting the engine while the transmission and subframe are dropped from the vehicle. Consequently, you need some type of engine hoist or engine