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Climate Equipment: Hey, It’s Cold in Here!

Wherever two or more shall gather… Somebody is bound to be too hot or too cold! It seems to be a fact of life, people can never agree about the temperature inside. This one says it’s too hot, while that one says it’s too cold. One thing we can all agree on is that we

Powertools: Select Power Tools that Meet Your Service Needs

Considering these definitions, a power tool, loosely defined, is anything used as a means of accomplishing a task using mechanical energy. All power tools use mechanical energy to accomplish tasks that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to accomplish by hand. Now think about all the jobs that we are able to accomplish with

Scan Tools: Scan Tools Offer a Window Into a Vehicle’s Inner Workings

Scan Tools Offer a Window Into a Vehicle’s Inner Workings Larry Carley, Technical Editor [email protected] Technicians who attempt to make driveability or emissions repairs today without a scan tool are troubleshooting in the dark. A scan tool is absolutely essential because it provides a window into the inner workings of the engine management and onboard

Emissions Analyzers: What is Really Going On Inside that Engine?

An emissions analyzer is one of the most useful pieces of diagnostic equipment you can own. Scan tools are great for reading fault codes and sensor data, but a scan tool by itself can’t tell you what is actually going on inside the engine’s combustion chambers. A scan tool can read misfires and tell you

New Tools: What’s Old is New Again

There is an old saying that there is nothing new under the sun. A recent trend in the tool industry might lead you to think there is some truth to that statement. It seems that although a new tool gets introduced every few minutes — with suppliers bringing more and more new items to market

Business Tools: Computers… Why You Can’t Do Business Today Without Them

It’s hard to imagine any automotive repair shop doing business today without the benefit of multiple computers. Yet some shops continue to do business and fix cars the “old fashioned way” with no computers whatsoever. I can’t help but wonder how much longer some of these shops will stay in business. The computer has become

A/C Service: The Heart of the Matter

The heart of the business, feel the heart beat, he has a good heart. These familiar thoughts and sayings all refer to the same thing. Whether it is a figurative or literal reference, the message is the same. There is always a central and irreplaceable part or component or, sometimes, person to all things. This

Diesel Engine Service, Tools & Equipment

Diesel engines are a popular alternative to gasoline engines because of their good fuel economy and torque. More than 55% of heavy-duty pickup trucks are now powered by diesel engines, as are 85% of Class 5 to 7 medium-duty trucks. The GM Duramax, Ford Powerstroke and Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel engines represent the bulk of

Lifts: Laws of the Universe

have in common? Each of these items is subject to the law of gravity. The law states all items are attracted to the earth with a force that is exactly equal to their specific weight. Why, you ask, do I care about this? Well, let me give you another little statement that will start to

Cordless Tools: Is it Time to Cut the Cord?

Power tools have certainly changed over the last 40 years. You’ve seen the ads — cordless tools changing the world, one battery, more power, durability, etc. I can remember when the world consisted of two professional air tool manufacturers (who shall remain nameless). Now, there are at least 12 that come quickly to mind, with

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Present a New Service Opportunity

Changing technology always brings with it a need for new tools, and today’s new Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are no exception. In 2000, Congress passed legislation called the TREAD (Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation) Act in response to tire failures that were causing SUV rollovers. Many of these tire failures were blamed on

Parts Cleaning: Searching for the Complete Clean

Cleaning cast iron and aluminum, for the most part, represent two separate challenges. However, in a realistic world most shops cannot afford two different setups for cleaning these metals. Many shops have systems that work well for one, but not so well on the other. Are there effective ways to clean both types of metal