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Springs Are The Foundation Of Stability

One spring rate might be great for controlling body lean, but it could be too hard to provide a comfortable ride.

VIDEO: Loaded Options For Suspension

Loaded struts are struts that come pre-assembled and ready to install. This video is sponsored by The Network Academy.

Fixing A Steering-Pull Condition

The most important thing to remember is that as the suspension compresses, the alignment angles change.

Tilting Shocks On A Tacoma

Use this procedure to reduce the chances of the inner rubber sleeve of the strut front suspension support from tearing.

Selling Shocks And Struts

The first step in selling ride control is the inspection process. A visual inspection of the shocks and struts can tell you a lot about the state of the ride control units. If possible, visual inspections should be performed before the test drive. This is a chance to make sure the vehicle is road worthy before you put your own life at risk.

BILSTEIN Introduces New B8 8112 Shocks For Toyota Tacoma

Available now, the B8 8112 (ZoneControl CR) shocks will be joined by the B8 8100 (Bypass) shock in coming weeks.

KYB Americas Corp. Announces Expanded Truck/SUV Monotube Coverage

The expansion includes growth in the twin-tube Excel-G and Strut-Plus lineups, as well as additions to KYB’s monotube lines of Gas-a-Just and MonoMax.

Arnott Introduces New Rear Shock Kit For The 2001-’06 Audi A6 And Allroad Quattro

SK-2805 is a twin-tube shock for the left and right rear sides and includes an actuator and three VOSS airline fittings to easily connect the shock to the air spring.

Air Ride Repair Vs. Conversion: Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Air Ride Repair Options

Air ride systems can offer great benefits for drivers. They can improve ride quality and add functionality like increased ride height for off-road excursions – all while keeping the rear level under loaded conditions.

How To Test Drive A Car To Check For Problems

Test drives on the surface can seem like one of the most unprofitable tasks a technician can perform. But, test drives can be one of the most profitable processes a shop can do to help sell more service.

Inspecting Nivomat Shocks

Nivomat shocks can be found on a variety of vehicles. They are self-leveling shocks that use an internal pump on the piston to control the level of the vehicle. There are no external lines or connections. Five Signs a Nivomat is Bad Sagging: If you load the trunk of a vehicle with Nivomats, the rear