Motorcraft Archives - Brake & Front End
Motorcraft Launches Winter Wiper Blade Line

The competitively priced line covers more than 94 percent of vehicles on the road.

Motorcraft Now Offering Brake Pads, Coated Brake Rotors And Drums

Motorcraft announces 36 additional brake pads and 20 additional rotors/drums.

New Wave Of Motorcraft Hubs Offer Competitive Pricing For More Vehicles

Newly released hubs target high-mileage older model cars, crossovers, SUVs and trucks.

Motorcraft Launches ‘Second Wave’ Of Loaded Struts For Ford, Lincoln Vehicles

The newest OE-spec loaded struts for Ford and Lincoln vehicles are available now.

Motorcraft Announces New Loaded Struts

The first rollout will be available in August with initial applications including Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

Motorcraft Continues To Improve Offerings With First-Quarter Product Actions

Ford has introduced several new products intended to meet the needs of shops and suppliers.

Pronto And Motorcraft Host ‘Motor City Madness II’ Event In Detroit

Twenty-two service center customers from around the country were treated to an action-packed weekend that paid tribute to the rich Ford heritage of the “Motor City.”

Motorcraft Announces Third Quarter Product Actions

To date, Motorcraft has reduced pricing on nearly 4,000 parts, which amounts to a 20 percent price reduction across active Motorcraft parts.