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Brake Job: 2006-2014 Honda Ridgeline

You might assume that the Honda Ridgeline shares a lot of the same components as the Pilot. Aside from the general proportions, the Ridgeline is a different vehicle made in a different plant. The brakes on the Ridgeline are robust and have very few problems with noise or pulsation. Where the service issues can be found are with the parking brake and hydraulics.

Honda Pilot 2003-2008 Brake Job

Honda’s first generation Pilot was one of the first mid-sized crossover SUVs on the market and was designed to fill the demand for SUVs larger than a CR-V that drove like a car. Manufactured in Alliston, Ontario, until production was moved to Lincoln, AL, in 2007, the first generation Pilot shares its platform with the Accord, Odyssey minivan and the Acura MDX. More than 700,000 first-generation Pilots were sold, so there are a lot of them still in service and that need brake maintenance.

Honda: Brake Pedal Feels Hard In The Morning Or In Cold Weather

The brake pedal can feel hard during the first couple of brake applications, usually in the morning when the temperature is cold. At cold start in high altitude, combined with the fast idle retard operation, the intake manifold vacuum supply is at its lowest, resulting in low booster assist.

Honda Brake Job Tips To Ease Your Repair Procedures

All Honda brake systems may look the same after awhile, but it is what’s unseen that can hurt you in the form of a comeback. It might be as simple as a torque specification for a caliper bracket, or as complex as a parking brake adjustment.

Honda Brake Tips

Brake lubricants are critical in returning a Honda’s brake system to an optimal operating condition.

Honda Civic Alignment Spec: 2006-’11

Before performing an alignment, it is critical to ­perform a thorough inspection. First, make sure the ­suspension is not modified. Many Honda owners lower their Civics with inexpensive lowering kits and springs. Second, check the tire size and set the correct tire pressure. Use the information printed on the driver’s side door pillar.

Brake Job: 2009-2015 Honda Pilot

The second-generation Honda Pilot shares the same platform as the Odyssey minivan and Accord. It also shares a lot of the same complaints concerning “warped” rotors. It is not excess heat that causes brake judder and pulsation, it is lateral runout and disc thickness variation (DTV). The Pilot is sensitive to disc thickness variation. This

BRAKE JOB: 2003-2011 Honda Element

It may look like a car that was never removed from the box it came in, but Honda Element isn’t boxy when it comes to the brakes. The Element is based on the CR-V platform. There is nothing tricky, but this is a brake system is hardware intensive with floating shims, abutment clips and pad

TPMS Updates: From Reflashes to Refills

Tire pressure monitoring system technology isn’t “new” in the sense that some form of TPMS has been around since the mid 2000s, but these systems are still evolving as manufacturers update their functionality and work out kinks discovered over time. Here are some of the most recent technical service bulletins issued by OEs concerning TPMS

TPMS service bulletins
Honda Brake Job Tips

Insight: Lightweight Rear Brake Drums The older Insight has a two-piece rear drum design with aluminum fins. The design borrows from the old 1950 Buick drums that had cast iron spun into an aluminum body. This design has significantly reduced weight over a cast iron drum. The use of aluminum fins on the outside helps

Honda Brake Job