Honda Archives - Brake & Front End
Honda Launches Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle in Ohio

Production of the 2025 CR-V e:FCEV fuel cell EV begins at Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio.

Honda Prologue All-Electric SUV Debuts

The vehicle will have an estimated 288 horsepower, 333 lb.-ft. of torque and a 300-mile range.

Honda Ridgeline Caliper Replacement

The parking brake and hydraulics are where you’ll find any service issues.

Honda, Ascend Elements partner on EV battery materials

Ascend Elements has recycled used lithium-ion batteries for American Honda Motor Co. since 2021.

ADAS Calibration: Honda Front Radar Camera Adjustment

Joe Keene carefully walks though the steps for calibrating a Honda front radar camera. Sponsored by Hunter Engineering.

Honda TPMS: What You Need To Know

Honda’s TPMS can be one of the more difficult systems to program in new sensors, relearns and calibrations.

Honda CR-V 2019-2022 Strut Installation (VIDEO)

This video covers installation procedures on 2019 CR-V models. This video is sponsored by PRT.

2020 Honda Civic Front Camera Calibration (VIDEO)

How to perform a front camera calibration on a 2020 Honda Civic.

Brake Job: 2018-Current Honda Odyssey

Using a low-quality brake pad or reusing the abutment clips can lead to a noise comeback.

Honda: Engine Shuts Off, Power Remains ‘On’ Or ‘Accessory’

The culprit could be a misadjusted shift cable.

Honda Fit Tech Tip: TPMS Indicator Is On With VSA DTC C0077-78

The low tire pressure/TPMS indicator is on with VSA DTC C0077 or C0078 (low tire pressure threshold refinement). If the tires are inflated to the pressure listed on the doorjamb label, the vehicle has likely been driven up or down steady grades. The cause of the code and light is the TPMS software may not be properly adapted to driving up or down steady grades.

Brake Job: 2003-2011 Honda Element

It may look like a car that was never removed from the box, but the Honda Element isn’t boxy when it comes to the brakes. The Element is based on the CR-V platform and, while there is nothing tricky about this brake system, it is hardware intensive, with floating shims, abutment clips and pad separator springs in the front.