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Tech Feature: Predicting Failures Through Mode $06

The PCM has several diagnostic modes. Depending on your scan tool and your use of it, you may get to see some or all of these modes. Also, depending on your scan tool, you may be accessing the various modes in the PCM without referring to them as “modes.”

What is Mode $06 and the other OBD II Modes?

OBD II modes are organized into nine categories, each of which is assigned a particular mode number preceded by a $ sign to symbolize the hexadecimal code it represents.

Tech Tip: Hyundai Check Engine Light Diagnostics

There are a couple of ways a Hyundai will find its way into your bay with a check engine light complaint. If a misfire is obvious, you may be tempted to get to work and start switching coils, checking wires or whatever, looking to diagnose the problem. But before you do, check the codes to see if more information is available.

Tech Tip: Volkswagen MIL On/DTC P1603 (18011) Stored

If DTC P1603 (18011) “Control unit faulty” is stored in the DTC memory on an affected vehicle, do not automatically replace ECM for this condition. First perform the following procedure.

Toyota Tech Feature: Diagnosing Today’s Complex Electronics Systems

Find out the latest innovations in scan tool technology, and what your scan tool should be doing for you.

ECMs Rarely Fail By Themselves

CARDONE offers technical advice on the causes of EMC failures.

Tech Feature: Mass Airflow Sensors Are Critical In Today’s Engine Management Systems

In addition to providing an exact measurement of airflow into the engine, airflow sensor inputs can be used to provide a load-sensing input to the powertrain control module (PCM) to help control the shift points and shift quality of an automatic transmission.

Alignment Trends: What is the Future of the Alignment Bay?

In the past two years, we have seen more vehicles on the market with stability management and adaptive cruise control. If a vehicle with one of these systems comes into your shop for alignment, be aware that any changes in the steering position sensor’s “zero” position may have drastic consequences for the safety of the vehicle. If the data from a steering position sensor is off after an alignment adjustment, the car could think it is in a turn and try to perform a correction.

Volkswagen: DTCs 00545/00638 Stored

If DTCs 00545/00638 are stored on a 2003 Passat Sedan 4Motion, the problem may be caused by: • Incorrect Engine Control Module (ECM) coding (codeable ECM only); • Wiring harness and/or connections between the Transmission Control Module (TCM) and ECM; • Malfunctioning ECM; • Intermittent continuity in the engine harness. • Poor engine compartment ground

Tech Feature: Mazda Driveability Diagnostics and Check Engine Light Complaints

From a torn air intake hose to ignition system concerns, Bob Dowie tackles driveability issues as well as some of the more common ailments that will bring Mazda vehicles into your bays with a check engine lamp complaint.

Mercedes ‘CAN’ Diagnostics — Uncovering Faults Speeds The Repair Process

Dealing with frustrating error messages on your scanner? Import Specialist Contributor Larry Bailly covers some of the more common faults when dealing with Mercedes CAN wiring, what it takes to plan and achieve diagnostic success, and the places to look for the cause of faults.

Tech Feature: ‘Exploring’ Ford 4.0/4.6L SUV Engines

Since 2002, the Ford Explorer and Mecury Mountaineer have undergone a number of noticeable engine changes. Glen Beanard reveals which engines offer newer features and offers tips on how to handle service and repair challenges with these vehicles.