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Tech Feature: Brake Job on Ford CVPI

The Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor, or CVPI, has been around since 1992. The current crop of CVPIs do not differ much mechanically from their predecessors, but on the undercar electronics, the vehicle has advanced dramatically in the past 10 years.

Tech Feature: Mazda6 and Mazda3 Driveability Diagnostics and Electronic Throttle Control

Drive-by-wire throttle control systems are pretty much trouble-free but have to be taken into consideration as you perform routine service and diagnose problems, and it changes the way you service these cars when it comes to cleaning the throttle plates, advises Bob Dowie, import specialist contributor, who also covers electronic throttle control’s tie in with ABS and VSC systems.

Tech Tip: VW/Audi Throttle Body Alignment

Have you had a customer pull into the shop with a Volkswagen or Audi that just will not idle correctly? One of the possible causes is that the throttle position is not known. The ECU must know the full range of motion of the throttle in order for it to properly control the engine.

Ford Tech Tip: Can’t Escape Intermittent No Crank with MIL On

Some 2001-’04 Ford Escape vehicles may exhibit a powertrain control module (PCM) concern that results in no crank, no start or malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) with one or more diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) present.

Tech Feature: The Changing Face of Automatic Transmissions

Today’s computer systems have completely redefined automotive operation, particularly when it comes to transmission control.

Tech Tip: Saturn Crankshaft Position Relearn/Adaptives Reset Procedure

You may see a tell-tale service light flashes after replacement of the ECC on 1996 and newer Saturn vehicles. When this occurs, a Crankshaft Adaptives Reset Procedure and Crankshaft Position Relearn Procedure (Flash) must be performed.

Tech Tip: Kia Throttle Body Cleaning

Some Kia drivers may complain of an engine that is hard to start, or that won’t start at all. DTCs P2110, P2118 or P2119 (throttle valve stuck closed) may be present on Theta 2.0L/2.4L engine-equipped vehicles. The condition may occur from carbon deposits and/or fuel additives accumulated in the throttle body.

Tech Feature: MIL Diagnostics and Driveability

MIL diagnostics continues to be a “hot” topic for many import shops simply because the definition of the word continues to change. Looking at the history of modern vehicle diagnostics, most veteran technicians can remember the days when vehicles had no on-board diagnostic systems and, subsequently, required time-consuming pin-out procedures to diagnose electronic systems failures.

Tech Tip: GM PASSLOCK Relearn Procedure

Vehicle will not start after the original ECM has been replaced. The original ECM has a security code (PASSLOCK) stored in its memory that matches the vehicle’s instrument panel cluster or security module (if so equipped). The replacement ECM can only receive the PASSLOCK code after it is installed in the vehicle and a relearn performed on the ECM.

Directions: Will You Be Servicing a 100-MPG Vehicle in the Near Future?

Vehicles in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-PRIZE vie for $10 million in prizes that will be awarded to teams that develop production-capable vehicles that exceed 100 miles per gallon or energy equivalent (MPGe).

Using OBD II Diagnostics to Communicate with Your Customer’s Volkswagen

This article is about communication faults and problems that have occurred on Volkswagens over the last 10-plus years. Many of the same problems still exist on the newest models, but as these vehicles age, get repaired or damaged, problems come up that can challenge even the very best technicians.

Tech Tip: Does a Generic OBD II Tool Show All Volkswagen Codes?

Generic OBD II tools may not give the complete picture of what is happening with a car. Consider what happened to me with my 2000 VW GTI 1.8T. The car had been intermittently stalling out over a period of a few weeks. The check engine light was not lit. One evening, as I was leaving work, the car stalled again. Fortunately, I had my laptop with me and had several diagnostic programs installed, so I ran a scan.