CRP Automotive Archives - Brake & Front End
Optimize Tesla Performance With E-Fluids

Learn the differences between ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ e-axles. This video is sponsored by CRP Automotive.

CRP’s Mike Palm: How Close Customer Ties Yields Success

Palm has led the company’s aftermarket product management to ensure CRP’s success.

CRP Automotive Introduces Pentosin Tesla EV Fluid Program

Fluids recognized with the Import Vehicle Community’s “Best Functional Fluid” award.

Certified Reman EPS Rack & Pinion for Audi

Remanufactured racks have undergone multiple test procedures and inspections.

Rein Automotive Offers New Line Of Brake Vacuum Pumps

The new line of Rein Automotive Brake Vacuum Pumps is designed for applications on popular European makes.

CRP Automotive Releases Advanced Pentosin Line

Application coverage includes popular ZF, Aisin AW automatic transmissions.

CRP Automotive Learning Corner To Feature ‘The Humble Mechanic’ For Videos, Q&A At 2019 AAPEX Show

Charles Sanville, host of ‘The Humble Mechanic’ Podcast and YouTube channel, will be producing videos with CRP Automotive product managers, as well as hosting Q&A sessions with his fans.

CRP Automotive Celebrates 100 Episodes Of ‘Inside The Brands’ Educational Video Series

The 100th “Inside The Brands” video will air on April 24, as a continuation of the series that launched in May 2015.

CRP Automotive Now Offers Pentosin Transmission Fluid Service Kits For European Vehicles

The kits feature OE-approved Pentosin fluid and Rein Automotive replacement parts for easy installation.

CRP Automotive Offers AAE Electric Power Steering Racks For Popular Chevy And Ford Models

Restored to OE performance and finish, EPS racks are available for the Chevy Cruze and Ford Mustang.

CRP Automotive Adds AAE Remanufactured Steering Racks For Chevy, Buick, Ford And Toyota

These new offerings include AAE precision remanufactured electronic power steering (EPS) racks for 2011-’16 Chevrolet Cruze, 2012-’17 Buick Verano (CRP P/N ER1015) and 2011-’14 Ford Mustang (CRP P/N ER1074).

CRP Automotive Offers Rein Anti-Vibration Parts

The Rein Automotive genuine anti-vibration parts program includes bushings, drive shaft mounts, engine mounts, transmission mounts, spring pads, strut mounts, bump stops and vibration dampeners.