Certified Reman EPS Rack & Pinion for Audi

Certified Reman EPS Rack & Pinion for Audi

Remanufactured racks have undergone multiple test procedures and inspections.

CRP Automotive offers ‘Certified Reman’ Rack & Pinion units you can install with confidence and save your customers money. Remanufactured AAE EPS Racks are avialable for popular Audi models including A4, A5, ALLROAD, S4, S5, and Q5. These first-to-market units undergo multiple repair and inspection checks, including a check for water ingression, a common cause of failure for the part. The remanufactured racks feature all new internal seals and gaskets, as well as new bellows and clamps. In addition, a new heat shield mat is installed to replace the worn one, and the Power Steering Control module is electronically tested to ensure no fault codes are present.

For more information visit CRP Automotive.

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