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VIDEO: Toyota TPMS: To Trust Or Not Trust The Button

Andrew Markel explains the TPMS system on modern Toyota vehicles and why trusting the button may not be a good idea. Sponsored by ATEQ.

VIDEO: Faulty Tire Gauge Causes TPMS Relearn Troubles

Andrew Markel talks about a phone call he received where a shop could not properly relearn a vehicle’s TPMS no matter what they tried. Sponsored by ATEQ.

VIDEO: The Difference Between TPMS Relearns

Andrew Markel explains difference between three TPMS relearn methods, and which method is the easiest and most efficient to perform. Sponsored by ATEQ.

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ATEQ Announces March 2017 TPMS Tools Software Update

The software update includes new OE coverage, improved programmable sensor coverage, new functionalities and corrections.

ATEQ TPMS Service Tool Software License

A software license gives your TPMS service tools access to frequent updates, which include the latest vehicle information, programmable sensor brands, manuals, auto relearn instructions, OBD II procedures and part number references.

ATEQ TPMS Announces New Global Website Launch

ATEQ’s new TPMS website provides customers and partners with the ultimate user-friendly experience, according to the company.

ATEQ Introduces VT36 TPMS Sensor Activation And Programming Tool

With the VT36, a service manager or technician can quickly diagnose a vehicle’s TPMS sensors in the parking lot before entering it into the service bay.

ATEQ Introduces VT36 TPMS Sensor Activation And Programming Tool

Designed for tough service environments, the ATEQ VT36 is affordable, making the tool accessible for shops, enabling them to reset 100% of Direct Type Non-OBD II relearned vehicles, said the company.

Ateq Launches New Tire Tread Gauge

Ateq TPMS Tools has added the Tire Tread Depth Gauge (TTD) to its line of TPMS tool accessories for the VT56 OBDII TPMS Diagnostic Tool. When connected to the VT56 TPMS tool, the TTD allows technicians to complete a tire and TPMS sensor check during routine maintenance.