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ATEQ TPMS Tools Adds Tesla BLE Function To VT67

ATEQ’s new VT67 TPMS Tablet will be capable of reading and programming the Tesla BLE sensor.

ATEQ Announces Q4 Promotion

Customers can obtain a free tire tread depth gauge with the purchase of a two-year VT56 software update.

ATEQ And Jeff Buckley Collaborate To Give Tools To Schools During National Car Care Month

This year, ATEQ and Buckley want to know why students need a VT36 in their classrooms in order to properly service winter tires.

ATEQ Reveals SEMA 2018 Booth Vehicle

The fully restored James Bond-esque vehicle can be seen at the ATEQ TPMS Tools SEMA Show booth, lower hall 40217. ATEQ plans to have a demonstration game to show how fast it is to scan the vehicle’s VIN barcode and read/activate TPMS sensors with the VT56 TPMS tool.

ATEQ Releases VT56 Software Update

A new version of software is now available for the ATEQ VT56, version DA1-26-20.

ATEQ TPMS Releases Sync-ID, Increasing OBD Relearn Coverage

With ATEQ’s new Sync-ID technology, the company says technicians only need to learn how to perform one unique OBD relearn procedure for all vehicles with direct-TPMS systems, rather than hundreds of different procedures.

ATEQ’s Latest Software Update Release Includes New Coverage For Infiniti, Tesla And More

The latest update includes new OE coverage, improved programmable sensor coverage, new functionalities and corrections.

ATEQ TPMS Tools Releases VT31 TPMS Sensor Activator And Reader To North American Market

The tool’s features include an easy-to-read display, user-friendly navigation and command buttons, and vehicle make/model/year look-up.

ATEQ Video: How To Perform A Stationary Procedure With TPMS Tools

The VT56 TPMS tool will reset the Ford Fusion’s TPMS system by communicating the TPMS sensor information to the vehicle’s ECU.

ATEQ TPMS Tools Releases Video On How To Perform An OBDII Relearn Procedure

The video uses the ATEQ VT56 TPMS tool to reset the TPMS system in less than two minutes.

ATEQ Video Explains How To Use WebVT

ATEQ has released its newest video instructions on its tool software, WebVT.

VIDEO: TPMS And The Two Foot Rule

Andrew Markel shows a simple and quick tip for when a TPMS sensor is not transmitting or receiving properly. Sponsored by ATEQ.