GM Eight Speed Torque Converter Shudder Solution (VIDEO)

GM Eight Speed Torque Converter Shudder Solution (VIDEO)

The solution to this problem can be lengthy and complicated. This video is sponsored by LubeGard.

Welcome to the GM eight speed torque converter shudder solution by LubeGard. General Motors has issued multiple technical service bulletins on torque converter clutch shudder in the 8-speed, 8L45 and 8L90 transmissions. This problem affects over four million vehicles. That’s 11 different models across three different OE manufacturers between the model years 2015 and 2020. GM’s solution to this problem is lengthy and complicated. It requires a full fluid exchange that uses 20 quarts of an expensive and very specific full synthetic ATF.

Our research and development team went to work by replicating conditions that caused torque converter shudder using our state-of-the-art Falex MultiSpecimen Test Machine. We use this testing platform to create conditions that cause shudder to occur between an automatic transmission friction plate and a steel plate, replicating the movement in a torque converter. When the friction and steel plate specimens were lubricated with the GM recommended ATF alone, shudder and slippage still occurred.

We then ran the exact same test under the same conditions with the addition of Lube Gard Platinum ATF Protectant at a treat rate of two ounces per quart. The shudder was eliminated. The testing also shows that platinum provided control and stabilization of the fluid friction at a constant level throughout the test.

You can avoid the expensive replacement of the OEM ATF by simply adding two 10 ounce bottles or 20 ounces of Lube Gard Platinum ATF Protectant. If you do decide to go with the OEM fluid flush, you can add the platinum and prevent the torque converter shudder from returning. By adding platinum you’ll also be protecting the transmission from friction, wear, heat and additive depletion.

For more information on LubeGard products and where to purchase them, visit our website at, or send us an email at [email protected] Thanks for watching.

This video is sponsored by LubeGard

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