Four Creative Ways To Improve Employee Morale
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Four Creative Ways To Improve Employee Morale


Experts say there is a direct relationship between keeping employees happy and getting the best out of them, but improving morale in the shop is a deceptively simple goal. Sometimes, in order to raise morale in the shop, you have to get creative. Here are four areas where business owners can lift employee spirits and create a happier, more productive workforce.



Every employee has different values, goals and motivations that drive them. That means that every employee is going to respond differently to different motivational strategies. Keeping your office door open can lead to great opportunities to listen to your employees. Not only will listening provide opportunities to understand what you can do to keep your workers happy, it also leads to a feeling of shared responsibility, which can have a positive effect on morale in the shop.

Get Positive

While giving bad news is sometimes unavoidable, if employees come to associate your presence with something going wrong, they’re likely to feel apprenhensive and frustrated at the thought of talking with the boss. Consider balancing out the bad news with a celebration of the positive. Calling attention to the little victories gives employees something to look forward to. It doesn’t even have to be a big event. An award, a birthday or even just acknowledgement of improvement or solid performance can make employees feel valued.


Focus on the Atmosphere

People respond to their surroundings. Spending a day in a dull, depressing environment inspires the same feelings in people, while a bright, clean workplace can help lift spirits. While no one is every going to confuse the bay of an automotive shop with the lobby of a luxury spa, don’t underestimate how much a few small changes can improve the morale of employees. Letting a little bit of light or sprucing up a dingy break room can make a difference.

Avoid Team-Building Pain

Team building exercises can boost morale, but they can also kill it if not done right. Putting people together and forcing them to go through the motions of a poorly thought-out exercise can easily backfire and have everyone looking for the exits. It may seem obvious, but make sure team building exercises are fun. Understand what type of activities your employees enjoy, and create exercises that match their preferences. Get outdoor people outdoors. Let social people enjoy each other’s company. Every workforce is unique. Good team-building exercises should be tailored to their needs.


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