September 2021 Archives - Brake & Front End
Wheel Bearing Hub Damage Repair

Noise is a classic sign of a bad wheel bearing or wheel hub bearing. Determining why the damage happened may take some time.

Diagnostic Strategies For New Technicians

In my textbook, a piston or flame front would not be mentioned until the last chapter of the book.

Power Steering Hose Replacement and Problems

It is important to understand the types of power steering hoses before replacement.

Replacement Strut Alignment Angles

Earl MacPherson’s struts eliminated suspension complexity in one way but changed vehicle geometry in others.

SUBARU Electric Parking Brake Inoperative

Always be sure to follow the complete service procedure in the applicable service manual.

Brake Rotor FAQ

Our most frequently asked brake rotor questions, answered.

TPMS Warning Causes

Here are a few commonly overlooked issues that could be triggering a warning light.

Raybestos Intensive Wheel Hub Cleaning Process

Here’s why it’s so important to properly clean a Raybestos wheel hub.

Read Your Copy of the September Digital Edition Now

This issue includes articles on brake rotors, suspension geometry, pesky TPMS lights and more.

The Chip Shortage And The Aftermarket

Drive by any new car lot and the evidence is clear – the auto industry may be the most visible victim of chip shortages.