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BRAKELIGHT: Beware the Brake Racketeer (1932)

In the 1930s, brake services like relining and adjustments were performed more often than oil changes. Most vehicles with mechanical brakes required adjustment every 1,000 miles to make sure they stopped straight or even stop at all. Shops were being forced to compete with people who performed brake repairs in backyards and at the side of

What is Brake Noise? The Basics of Diagnosing NVH

What does your shop do when a brake noise complaint enters the service bays? Does it end up hurting productivity for the rest of the day as a technician randomly applies lubes, pastes and sprays to the brake system hoping that the problem will be at least temporarily solved? Brake systems are complex and require

Brake Noise Vibration Harshness
Toyota Synergy Drive Hybrid Brake Job

Making its debut in 1997, Toyota’s Synergy Drive has been used in the Prius, Camry and offered on almost all Lexus models since 2006. Below are some of the basic rules of the road and some fixes that may come in handy when performing a brake job on these Toyota hybrids. Low Pedal Problems Low

Hybrid Toyota Brake Job
Air Ride Logic: How to Diagnose Common Behaviors

There is a logic to air ride systems. Air ride systems can control vehicle ride height, passenger comfort and improve handling. How they operate and work with the rest of the systems on the vehicle is part of the embedded logic of the control system. Written in this programming are three main edicts: preserve the

Mercedes-Benz Air Ride Logic