April, 2015 Archives - Brake & Front End
BRAKELIGHT: Cartoon Windows (1955)

The going rate for a complete brake job in 1955 was $18.20. Drum brakes of this vintage had limited self-adjustment and required constant attention. This shop building is still there, but it is now a Tiki Bar.

Inspecting Nivomat Shocks

Nivomat shocks can be found on a variety of vehicles. They are self-leveling shocks that use an internal pump on the piston to control the level of the vehicle. There are no external lines or connections. Five Signs a Nivomat is Bad Sagging: If you load the trunk of a vehicle with Nivomats, the rear

BRAKE JOB: 2003-2011 Honda Element

It may look like a car that was never removed from the box it came in, but Honda Element isn’t boxy when it comes to the brakes. The Element is based on the CR-V platform. There is nothing tricky, but this is a brake system is hardware intensive with floating shims, abutment clips and pad

VIEWPOINT: Bad Advice For Lug Nuts

I am a sucker for helping stranded motorists, and this pothole season is no exception. So far I have seen two lower ball joint failures, one u-joint pole vault and a separated tie rod. I think people are at their best when others are at their worst. I recently stopped to help a Subaru at