BILSTEIN To Introduce Three New Off-Road Shocks At The 2014 SEMA Show

BILSTEIN To Introduce Three New Off-Road Shocks At The 2014 SEMA Show

BilsteinBILSTEIN’s spirit of innovation continues to progress. Spurred on by research gleaned from its motorsports drivers and teams, as well as feedback from its network of dealers worldwide, which have direct contact with end users and their requests, BILSTEIN will debut three shock absorbers at SEMA:
• 6112 Series – Designed for the off-road adventure seeker who still wants optimal on-road comfort
• 8125 Series – Ideal for the hardcore, recreational off-road enthusiast
• 9200 Series – Tailored for the professional off-road racer

The company expects all products to be available in early 2015 through its international dealer network as well as its online catalog.

In addition to featuring new products at this year’s SEMA show, Professional Off-Road Racer, Casey Currie, will be in the booth signing autographs. Casey Currie developed an appetite for action early, racing dirt bikes at age five and off-road trucks by age 16. Today at age 25, he is one of the most exciting and talented drivers in off-road racing, with consistent success and podium finishes in multiple series and races, including LOORRS, TORC, CORR, SCORE, MDR, BAJA 1000 & 500. BILSTEIN has been his shock absorber of choice for dominating every thrilling course terrain. Currie will join BILSTEIN at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas to showcase his Jeep JK, complete with an Independent Front Suspension Conversion and 9100 Series Coilovers. His autograph sessions with fans will be from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 4 and Thursday, Nov. 5, in the BILSTEIN booth 23361, located in the Racing & Performance Section of the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Complementing Currie’s Jeep JK in the BILSTEIN booth will be Snow Racing’s Universal Industrial Sales (UIS) Porsche 991 GT America No. 58, prepared and serviced by Wright Motorsports, featuring BILSTEIN MDS. In addition, SEMA attendees can get up-close with two other featured vehicles on display: Jon Lee’s Off-Road Race Truck, equipped with BILSTEIN’s new 9200 Series professional off-road race shocks, and Eurocode’s VW GTI, sporting BILSTEIN’s B16 iRC Kit.

“We’re excited to have these championship vehicles on display in our booth at SEMA and celebrate their venerated drivers and teams,” said Regis Finn, Marketing Manager, BILSTEIN. “Not only does SEMA give us a chance annually to interact with and share highlights with distributors, retail partners and media outlets, we also have the opportunity to give them an exciting preview of what we will introduce in 2015.”

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