VIEWPOINT: Words & Pictures, How Do You Learn
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VIEWPOINT: Words & Pictures, How Do You Learn

If I could visualize or tinker parts in my mind, I could master the subject.
Conjugating a verb for Spanish or even spelling some English words was a monumental task.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in 8th grade and the class had to take a standardized test to measure math, verbal and spatial relations skills. I knew I was not the brightest child and the math and verbal test scores proved it. But, the section on spatial reasoning was off the charts. 
I sat there very proud of myself. Some “over achievers” were in awe of the score. The notes for the test said I would be a great mechanic. My guidance councilor at the time tried to push me in other directions. 
I always struggled in school with some subjects. I was labeled learning disabled, hyperactive and even had to take medication for attention deficit disorder. But, there were certain topics that came to me with little or no effort. 
If I could visualize or tinker parts in my mind, I could master the subject.
 Conjugating a verb for Spanish or even spelling some English words was a monumental task. It was frustrating and did not do anything for my self-confidence. But, if you asked me to solve geometry, physics or organic chemistry problems, I could rattle off an answer faster than any honors student. 
When I was in college, I worked at shops during the summers and part-time during the fall and winter. I was a porter, service writer and a technician (thanks Dad for letting me borrow the tools). Hanging out in the bays was the best education I ever received. I soon came to the conclusion that my method of learning was a talent and I was not alone. 
I realized that many top technicians learned the way I learned, and talked the way I thought.  
We would struggle with some sources of repair information. One repair manual we had to use to rebuild a transmission was written like a cookbook and devoid of all logic. One Romanian-born technician said it best, “I can read the pictures, but it is the words I am having a problems with.”
With the right training or repair information paired with relevant illustrations or a video, the material would fly off the page. The information would then reside in the top drawer of the toolbox of the mind, fresh and never forgotten. 
In this issue, we are rolling out a new technology called Augmented Reality powered by our AVI Play app. If you learn like me, it can be the most powerful training tool since the VHS cassette. By using the AVI Play app on your smartphone or tablet, you can harness the power of words, pictures and videos to help you learn. 
Augmented reality is like throwing a computerized layer over what you are viewing. It can connect you to videos, 3D drawings and more information. This issue has three articles that are augmented with video from the AVI Video Training library (pages 38, 45 and 52). Also, some pictures on page six come alive and advertisements pages 15 and 39 are augmented by AVI Play. Download the app and unleash the power of your mind. 
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