VIDEO: Why Choose An Ultra-Premium Brake Job?

VIDEO: Why Choose An Ultra-Premium Brake Job?

With the premium break job you're addressing a lot more of the hardware on the vehicle. This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

CC: There are no two ways about it, cars and trucks have become quieter. Sophisticated motor mounts, multiple mufflers and resonators in the exhaust, noise-canceling audio systems and even insulated engine covers have helped lower sound levels inside the cabin. This has happened to all vehicle segments, from compacts to full-size pickups.

But without the buzz from the engine and the rumble from the exhaust, drivers and vehicles have become more sensitive to brake noise.

At the OEM and Tier 1 levels, engineers are spending more time engineering the brake system and friction materials to not only reduce noise but to give the best possible pedal feel and pad life. This has required OE brake system suppliers to step up their game.

But what happens when the original pads wear out? What are the owner’s and shop’s options to keep the noise down and performance the same as the original? The answer is to go with the best possible brake pad that is ultra-premium.

Some replacement brake pads might be great at keeping the noise down, but the wear rates and pedal feel could be worse than the original brake pads. It could be that the replacement brake pads could have an excellent brake pedal feel, but they can be noisy. An ultra-premium brake pad will deliver silent performance, great pedal feel and will last just as long as the originals.

The other item that can set brake pads apart is the hardware. Any brake pad is only as good hardware between the caliper bracket and brake pad. Some replacement brake pad manufacturers will not include hardware, or the hardware does not match the materials or design of the original. An ultra-premium brake pad set will include hardware that matched the OE design.

With quiet vehicles, customers are expecting more performance and less noise from their brakes. To deliver this, you are also going to have to step up your game.

This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

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