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Replacing Master Cylinders

The most common problems that occur in the master cylinder are wear in the piston bore and piston seal failure.

VIDEO: Why Choose An Ultra-Premium Brake Job?

With the premium break job you’re addressing a lot more of the hardware on the vehicle. This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

Brake Job: 2018-Current Honda Odyssey

Using a low-quality brake pad or reusing the abutment clips can lead to a noise comeback.

Brake Job: 2010-2019 Ford Fiesta

The front brakes are the conventional single-piston floating caliper design.

Brake Job: 2009-2014 Ford F-150

When you remove the rear rotors, inspect the ABS tone ring and the condition of the parking brake hardware.

2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Brake Job

The main problems technicians will encounter are pulsation and judder from the front brakes.

VIDEO: Pull A Wheel Brake Inspections

Pulling a wheel allows for a better inspection of the brakes. This video is sponsored by NRS Brakes.

VIDEO: Brake Noise Problems Without The Brakes Applied

What could cause brake noise even when the brakes are not applied? This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

VIDEO: What Is The Brake Friction Curve?

The curve for different friction compounds can define its application. This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

VIDEO: Brake Rotor Safety Inspection

If there is any cracking, it can result in a structural failure of the rotor. This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

VIDEO: How To Tell If A Brake Pad Is Ceramic Or Semi-Metallic

Color is no longer an indicator of the friction material. This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

Brake Job: 2008-Current Dodge Caravan

If you ignore issues like runout and the caliper brackets when replacing the brake pads, it will result in a comeback.