Toyota Supercharger: Squeak/Rattle Noises From Idler Pulley
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Toyota Supercharger: Squeak/Rattle Noises From Idler Pulley

Due to a possible out-of-tolerance condition on the idler pulley shaft, some pulleys may have bearings that spin on the inner shaft and may cause a squeaking or rattling noise. The supercharger may be perfectly fine and the source of the noise may simply be the idler pulley.


This condition can be verified by removing the supercharger drive belt and checking the movement of the pulley on the shaft The pulley should not slide fore and aft on the shaft.


Affected Models: 4Runner, Tacoma, T100 and Tundra with 3.4L V6; supercharger assemblies with serial numbers from 10481 to 10990.

Installation Procedure:

1. Loosen the drive belt.

2. Remove the idler plate assembly. Retain all the hardware.

3. Remove the idler pulley sub-assembly from the idler plate assembly. Replace it with a new idler pulley sub-assembly.

Parts Location Torque
Idler Pulley Assembly Middle Hole 18 ft. lbs.
Bolt A, Washer and Spacer Upper Hole 12 ft. lbs.
Bolt B Lower Left Hole 18 ft. lbs.
Bolt C and Washer Lower Right Hole 18 ft. lbs.

4. Replace the idler plate assembly and all of the hardware. The tightening torques are shown in the table.


5. Reinstall and tension the drive belt to 120 ft.-lbs. for a new belt or 80 ft.-lbs. for a used belt (any belt used for more than 10 minutes).

Courtesy of ALLDATA.

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