Top Five Tools
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Top Five Tools


TEDDY REAKA, mechanic
Belleville Firestone
Belleville, IL


Snap-on 1/2” Drive Air Impact Wrench — A lot of power.
OTC Genysis Scan Tool — Makes diagnostics simple.
Snap-on Flank Drive Wrenches — A lot of grabbing power.
Snap-on 2-lb. Dead Blow Hammer — The ultimate take off tool.
Craftsman 1/2” Drive Torque Wrench — Very accurate.


Anderson Auto
Tolland, CT


My five favorite tools are:
Test light, it’s the most overlooked tool and the easiest to use.
DVOM, if used correctly can get you out of trouble before you misdiagnose electrical problems.
Flashlight, I don’t know how techs, can do without it. It brings the phrase “working in the dark” to the true meaning!
Stethescope, you can pinpoint a noise in very tight areas.
And lastly, common sense. Engines are still basic, they need air, fuel and spark to run. I can’t tell you how the realitively low cost of these tools can save you, when used correctly.


Almeida’s Classic Cars
Ceres, CA


Gibbs Spray Solvent — To loosen rusty nuts and bolts. The nozzle regulates!
Flex-Hone — For breaking glaze on piston cylinders.
Sun Volts/Amps Tester
Mityvac Hand-Held Vaccuum Pump — For testing components.
Chicago Pneumatic 3/8” Drive Air Wrench

WILLIAM VOLKMANN, owner/operator
Lions Auto
Elkhart, IN


Snap-on Ratchet Screwdriver (SSDMR4B)
Craftsman Professional Multimeter and miniscope — Durable, tough and very user friendly.
TrueCraft G981B Koken 3/4” Drive x 1-1/16” Double-Backed Ratchet — Has an interchangable handle.
Matco 1/2” Drive Torque Wrench
Plews Grease Gun

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