Top 5 Tools: Ernie Orgar Jr., Basset’s Service Center
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Top 5 Tools: Ernie Orgar Jr., Basset’s Service Center


Ernie Orgar Jr., technician
Basset’s Service Center
Rochester, NY


Editor’s note: Ernie was kind enough to send us a few categories of his Top 5 Favorite Tools, so this month, we’re expanding to include his favorite Brake, Diagnostic, Exhaust and Striking tools.

Here are my Top 5 Brake Tools:
Mac Tools 3” Encapsulated Wire Brush (Wheel: WBE3503 & 1/4” threaded shank WBE 350A) — Stick this in your favorite die grinder and you can quickly remove rust and scale down to bare metal. Plastic-coated wire wheel lasts long!

Mac Tools Stealth Goggles #SS9610 — For use with the above. You can’t repair brakes when you’re sitting in the eye doctor’s office!


Vise-Grip C-Clamp Pliers — Universal, effective tool for pushing caliper pistons home. Also good for holding shoes in place. Need two for dual-piston calipers.

Blue Point Bendable Light #ECF 1600 — Very good for inspecting brakes without pulling wheels off during an oil change.

Snap-on Hand Grease Gun #YA4190 with #YA750 Needle Nose — Convenient way to fill up slider accordion boots with grease. Just fill gun with Permatex #24125.

Here are my Top 5 Diagnostic Tools:
Mitchell On Demand
— Great wiring diagrams.

Power Probe III — Everything you need in a circuit tester: lights, buzzers, power, ground, automatic circuit breaker, etc.

Mac Tools Adjustable Ignition Spark Tester (404T) — Can load-test ignition coils.

Snap-on Stethoscope (GA111D) — Can zero-in on noise complaint problems: tie rods, ball joints, belt-driven accessories, etc.

Mac Tools Jumper Lead Set (JLS4000) — Perfect set to complement your multimeter in a plastic case.

Here are my Top 5 Exhaust Tools:
Mac Tools Exhaust Stretcher (TPS344)
— Quick, convenient pipe/muffler end ID/OD stretching with just a 1/2” impact gun.


Mac/Lisle Hanger Pliers (LI38350) — Easily removes hangers from rubber supports. (Hint: Soapy water makes installation a snap!)

Mac Tools Oxygen Sensor Socket (SC1531A) — You can use a 1/2” ratchet or a 15/16” open-end wrench for those hard-to-remove/reach O2 sensors!

Vise-Grip Pliers (12LC) — Good for grasping hot pipes/mufflers and installing muffler strap mounts.

Mac Tools Pipe End Shaper (P5320)
— When your exhaust supplier drops a pipe and oval-shapes the end, you can restore it.

Here are my Top 5 Striking Tools:
Snap-on Oval Bearing Race Punches (PPC704A)
—  Several sizes, durable, nice shape.

Mac Tools Race, Bearing and Seal Driver Set (BRD129MA) — Soft aluminum doesn’t damage parts; several sizes.

Snap-on Punch Holder (PPC5A) — Prevents mechanics from cussing and swearing when they miss the mark.

Mac Tools Bolstered Scrapers (PKES3PTB) — You can hammer these “putty knives” to remove those glued-on pans and covers.

Mac Tools Hammerless Punch Set (CPS996) — Spring-loaded punches; Great for punching holes in oil filters to completely drain them.

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