Top 5 Tools: Bobby Jones, Fleet Care by Duquesne Light
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Top 5 Tools: Bobby Jones, Fleet Care by Duquesne Light


Bobby Jones, senior mechanic
Fleet Care by Duquesne Light
Pittsburgh, PA


3/8” Electric Cordless Impact — I use it to remove many covers on the booms on the hydraulic equipment we service and repair. Saves me from more carpal tunnel damage.

Laptop (with various software for our many brands of trucks we deal with) — It’s invaluable nowadays whether to make a minor adjustment or a major move.

Inside Pipe Nipple Remover
— To remove the remaining threads left from a pipe some other mechanic broke! Gets inside and grabs nicely to remove the remaining piece. A necessity for working on fire trucks and the like. There’s lots of piping under those pretty bodies!


Power Probe — The best troubleshooting/test/powering light I have ever used. Find the power, find the ground, make the circuit work to verify. I have had one for many years.

Bore Scope — Plain and simple, to see where man has never seen before! Axles, differentials, cylinders, transfer cases and on and on. And with old eyes like mine, the extra light up close is a great help!

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