Tenneco's Monroe Ride & Drive Program Expands Locations, Adds Key Industry Training Events in 2013

Tenneco’s Monroe Ride & Drive Program Expands Locations, Adds Key Industry Training Events in 2013

Tenneco, an innovator in undercar training programs, announced plans to attract nearly 10,000 attendees to its 45-stop calendar for 2013. Tenneco also plans to take the popular Monroe Ride & Drive seminar to several key industry training schools, including VISION Hi-Tech Training Expo in Kansas City, Mo., this March.

Tenneco, an innovator in undercar training programs, announced plans to attract nearly 10,000 attendees to its 45-stop calendar for 2013. Tenneco also plans to take the popular Monroe Ride & Drive seminar to several key industry training schools, including VISION Hi-Tech Training Expo in Kansas City, Mo., this March.

Now in its 12th year, the Monroe Ride & Drive program was designed to help technicians identify the characteristics and differences of worn versus properly functioning ride control components and to recognize the impact these components have on overall vehicle safety.

“We’re proud to continue to offer such a critical educational initiative to the aftermarket,” said Chuck Osgood, manager of training and sales operations, North American aftermarket, Tenneco. “It’s such a small investment of time compared to the remarkable value you’ll bring back to your customers.”

The 2013 Monroe Ride & Drive program also features enhanced curriculum, including key new ride control trends, exclusive training in innovative undercar technologies and the industry’s only hands-on ride and drive training experience. This premier driving experience gives service technicians an opportunity to compare the steering, stopping and stability characteristics of vehicles with worn OE ride control components and new Monroe ride control replacement components.

“There’s just no other training program like the Monroe Ride and Drive in the aftermarket,” Osgood said.

The Ride & Drive program was designed to help improve replacement diagnosis and confidence when recommending ride control components to consumers. The program is led by several highly acclaimed automotive industry veterans and Monroe ride control training experts.

The 2013 Tour schedule currently includes 45 visits to popular locations in the U.S. and Canada. To find out when the Monroe Ride & Drive program will visit your region, visit the “Events” page on www.monroe.com to see the most current schedule and to register for an upcoming event.

For additional information about the Monroe Ride & Drive program or to learn more about premium Monroe ride control products, please contact your Monroe supplier or visit the Monroe website at www.monroe.com.

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