Tenneco Debuts Innovative Electronic Suspension Technology

Tenneco Debuts Innovative Electronic Suspension Technology

DRiV digital technology offers improved ride performance without suspension system redesign.

has introduced new digital suspension technology known as DRiV. A unique damper technology with a wide range of vehicle applications globally, DRiV offers ride and handling benefits that the company says are particularly well-suited for the light truck market segment. DRiV’s easy-to-integrate and cost-effective design addresses key suspension challenges for pickup trucks, resulting in reduced shake and bounce and improved “brake dive,” or the tendency for a vehicle’s nose to drop during braking, especially under heavily loaded conditions. Its adaptive damping technology adjusts automatically to road conditions, allowing DRiV to deliver improved handling and control while providing a smooth and comfortable ride, according to Tenneco.

“DRiV is a true breakthrough in digital suspension technology that is unique in the market,” said Ben Patel, vice president and chief technology officer, Tenneco. “The damper’s simplified design and ability to quickly adapt to road surfaces and conditions make it an excellent option for manufacturers looking for an easy-to-integrate solution for improved ride performance in any vehicle segment. Tenneco is committed to offering electronic suspension technologies that can be tailored to meet our customers’ needs, and DRiV provides the best of both worlds – damping technology that offers digital performance at an affordable cost.”

Part of the Monroe Intelligent Suspension family of ride performance solutions, DRiV’s digital damper architecture features a modular design and does not require a complex electronic control unit (ECU). Electronics, sensors and software controls are located directly in the damper, which Tenneco says makes DRiV easy to integrate into the existing suspension without extensive re-engineering of the vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems. The DRiV system also incorporates a simplified gateway module, which provides cybersecurity and communication with the vehicle’s existing controller area network (CAN) bus.

Compared to conventional dampers, DRiV offers a range of damping force characteristics that provides more consistent comfort and handling. DRiV’s software algorithms can provide up to 16 damping force profiles, resulting in greater control of damper performance. Adaptive damping is especially beneficial for truck suspension systems, which are designed to balance handling and ride performance in both loaded and unloaded states.

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