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Reprogramming And Service Information Common Ground

There has been a lot of discussions this month about some OEMs restructuring subscription fees for service information and reprogramming/reflashing. Most of the restructuring is focused on charging users per vehicle reflashed. This has stirred up a lot of technicians and shop owners.

Is The Aftermarket Or Auto Care Industry The Underdogs Of The American Economy? Or, Are We The Foundation?

The aftermarket is changing and is being forced to keep pace with evolving technology and consumer tastes. It is a fearless industry that is not afraid to service vehicles that are two or 20 years old, and it is one that is not afraid to find new ways to retain old customers and attract new ones. In all, the auto care industry adapts more efficiently and faster than any other.

Viewpoint: New Year’s Brings New Changes At Brake & Front End

In December 1997, was launched. Since then, our website has been constantly built upon, and has grown to more than 11,000 pages to date. Last year was our best year in company history, as our growth in traffic spiked to its highest level since the website’s inception. But we’re not stopping there. New eNewsletter In

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Viewpoint: Excuses and Tomorrows

There is an empty lot on West Market Street in Fairlawn, OH. From the street, you can see an old in-ground lift sticking up about a foot. From the ruins of the foundation, you can see two bays, an office and the tile floor for two bathrooms. Next to the foundation, you can see the

Bathroom tile from abandoned shop
VIEWPOINT: Bad Advice For Lug Nuts

I am a sucker for helping stranded motorists, and this pothole season is no exception. So far I have seen two lower ball joint failures, one u-joint pole vault and a separated tie rod. I think people are at their best when others are at their worst. I recently stopped to help a Subaru at